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✨refuge✨ Nemesis you are Time Can’t stop the clock Benign I’ve ran and hid Fear The wheels won’t stop Steer Nightmares glorified Dream Memories haunted Scream No longer alive Forgotten You’ve made me dead Rotten Hiding in a planet Nonexistent Reminiscing of abuse Persistent Allowing the torture Blindly Was cornered and bullied Kindly The

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✨RISE✨ Streching Rising Natures flow Magical Grateful Gods glow Paradise Arise Feel the warmth Bejeweled Shimmering Mother Earth Art by Tammy Poetry by DivaKaya

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I am Sure

‘I am sure’ Still wondering How this happened How a dream became a day And a day became a night A night out of thousand and one. Sipping tea I keep reflecting Before dawn he has gone

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My love looked the other way. Choosing a path that will bring sorrow. I hold the key that my love needs. Each door that my love stumbles upon will be locked.

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